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Are you new to homeschooling? There are a few things that are helpful to know and understand about homeschooling your children, finding out how they learn and how you like to teach, and the options available to you here in Colorado. Are you ready to get started?
Homeschool laws vary in every state. Colorado's homeschool law falls somewhere in between the rigidity of New York and the more relaxed laws of Texas. Find out what you need to do to comply with Colorado's homeschool law.
As part of Colorado's homeschool law, a Notice of Intent must be sent in every year to the school district. You can download a copy of a sample NOI and find the addresses for submitting it to the district of your choice.
Looking for curriculum? Curriculum fairs and local homeschool book supply stores are an invaluable resource to many parents for the opportunity to be able to thumb through books before purching. Online stores also offer samples, and cheaper ways to buy.
Assessment testing gauges the grade or proficiency level of your child. Since not all children of the same age are at the same level, it is helpful to know where to start them in a particular curriculum. Many of the more popular homeschool assessment tests can be found here.
Another part of Colorado's homeschool law requires students to be tested or evaluated every odd year, beginning in third grade. Find a list of qualified evaluators and links to the CAT, ITBS, and other tests acceptable under homeschool law.
Educational records, including attendance data, testing and evaluations, and immunization records, must be kept for each homeschooled child. There are helpful programs, made just for homeschoolers, that can guide you in how to do this. These especially comes in handy during the high school years.
An alternative to personal record keeping is to use an umbrella school. Instead of submitting records to the school district, you would submit them to an umbrella school. Learn about the benefits of being under an umbrella school.
Every mom needs a little support, a chance to have questions answered, or needs a bit of encouragement from time to time. Break the "no socialization" stereotype by getting together with other homeschoolers on park days, field trips, or classes!
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