Resources For The Colorado Front Range


Language Arts covers phonics, handwriting, spelling, composition, grammar, and vocabulary. These can be purchased as complete programs or combined from different sources to create a complete curriculum. They are a core component of any homeschool program.
Since Science often discusses origins of life, it can be a big motivator for choosing the right curriculum for your family. Young Earth, Old Earth, Evolution, and Theistic Evolution are labeled as such to make choosing a curriculum easier for your family.
Math hasn't changed much in the past one hundred years, but the way that it is taught has changed. Learning through repetition, using a spiral approach (revisiting), and taking a mastery approach are different ways to address learning math.
The Arts are essential to learning by expressing the creative side of a child. A learn by doing aspect is incorporated into many different academic subjects that is highlighted by the arts, but these crafty subjects can be taken independently as well.
Another core subject to incorporate in your homeschool, Social Studies includes the study of history, geography, culture, civics, economics, government, and more. It will take you to different places and times to learn about culture, government, and politics.
Foreign language is great for expanding young minds and the younger you are able to teach them another language, the better it will stick for many students. When you learn a language, you also learn about the culture of the people who speak it.
Learning the Bible is learning about the world that God made, the ancients who chose or did not choose to follow Him, His story, and how we are to follow Him. The Bible also opens up discussion into good character and righteous living.
Developing strong, moral character is a valuable commodity and the secret of success in many areas of life. All the academics in the world are great, but how far will all that knowledge take you if you don't have ethics and values to go with it?
Learning computer skills is more of a necessity in this day and age than it used to be. Everything from Typing to Programming to Computer Science can not be underestimated as they come in handy for many different types of technology jobs.
Don't forget about learning essential life skills! In fact, that's one of the great things about homeschooling is we can teach things not normally taught in public school. First Aid, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, Driver's Ed, and yes, even Social Skills...
Do you really need a curriculum for P.E.? Probably not, unless you're looking for team sport or field day activities. Get out and hike or just run around. Check out the list of sports equipment listed under Gameschooling for some great ideas for sports activities.
Healthy kids are happy kids. Nutrition, hygiene, Sex Ed, Medical Topics, Safe Touch, and more should be taught at the appropriate age level. When the time is right, it may be time to have "the talk" with your kids.
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