Resources For The Colorado Front Range

Classes and Camps

Kids classes and camps are usually offered by the community to school-age kids and are paid for out of pocket. Classes can be daily, weekly, or yearly, while camps are offered generally in summer and winter. We have a great community in our area that caters to homeschoolers. Find a subject you're interested in and spend an hour, a day, a week or several months learning and enjoying something new!
Is your child an animal lover? Check out a wide range of classes and camps that are focused around animals, farms, and nature. Everything from horseback riding lessons to unstructured play time at a local farm or nature center that help bring nature into your child's life.
Creating art, playing an instrument, singing in a choir and performing on a stage are often overlooked aspects of a child's education. Yet many children thrive when they express themselves creatively. Take part in a play, sing in a choir, or go on to paint a masterpiece with these classes.
Get your child moving with a team sport, dance, or gymnastics class. These classes can help improve their core strength and agility and help keep them active, and indoor activities become important especially when temperatures drop in the cold Colorado winters.
Several camps in the area focus on Christian values and Bible study while incorporating fun summer activities. Day camps and overnight camps each offer their own unique experiences such as swimming, zip lines, hiking, rafting, archery, survival skills, singing, roasting marshmallows, riding the alpine slide, talent show, and a lot more.
Colorado Early College makes college courses available for free to those who are ready to begin college-level course work in middle and high school. For those not college ready, they are a high school first and offer college prep to students with the goal of preparing them to be college-ready in less than two years.
The best way to learn a foreign language is to immerse yourself into it. Online and in-person classes are available for kids who are ready to learn to speak another language. Get connected with the teachers in our community and abroad who are ready to teach your child.
What kind of classes are available as part of the government? Local government offers the Fire Services Citizen Academy and Student Police Academy. History classes and camps also get your child interested in local and ancient history. Explore medieval quests, Colorado history, and your community's past.
Learning the basics of First Aid, CPR, AED, and others are important fundamental tools for a child to keep in their back pockets to pull out whenever needed. Whether they want to babysit or a situation arises where they need to put those skills to use, learning about health is essential.
Do you have an inventor in your midst? Makerspaces offer a place for your child to stretch their wings to design and build their contraptions. There's also a heritage inspired craft workshop offering classes to kids with all kinds of projects to choose from.
Some places offer many different class and camp options to choose from. Lego building, digital photography, chess camps, art, and drawing, etc. can be found here. These classes are usually offered by public and private schools as after school or summer programs.
Beginner and advanced classes are available to helps teach kids to sew and cook. Everything from knitting, crocheting, fashion sketching, embroidery, felting, cooking, using herbs and vegetables from the garden, and more are offered in our local area.
STEM is all the rage in kids classes. Learn to program robots and compete against other teams, research architectural concepts, join a smace mission, build Lego contraptions with Technic, or invent something new. These classes and camps helps kids to problem solve and challenge them in unique and exciting ways.
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