Resources For The Colorado Front Range

Field Trips

Field trips can be free or fee depending on who's offering. Some are listed as having free days. Check their websites to find out what days are free or visit SCFD Free Days to get a listing. Once you've decided where to go, use the Map It button, on your phone, to find out where it is located and navigate to the location.
Is your child an animal lover? Check out field trips that let you explore thousands of bugs and butterflies, walk the trails to find dinosaur fossils and tracks, go horseback riding at the Garden of the Gods, or go on a trip to see these wonderful animals in their natural habitats.
So much art to see and explore! Visit an art museum and view galleries or go on a studio tour to see artist demonstrations. Paint your own pottery, try glass fusing, and canvas painting. You can also visit a miniature city with hundreds of intricately detailed sculptures.
Get your child moving with open gym, or day passes for rock climbing and rapelling. Play archery games or challenge yourself with a ninja obstacle course. Don't want to be so active, visit the Hall of Fame museum or World Figure Skating Museum for some sports appreciation.
Factory Tours have got to be one of our favorite field trips. Seeing how things are made really opens kids eyes to realize products don't just magically appear on the grocery store shelves. Donuts, candies, tea, ice cream, electronics, tiny houses, robotics, and sports tours are all offered.
A trip to a farm can be a seasonal experience, enjoying fall festivals, picking berries, find your way through a corn maze, and picking pumpkins. Some can also be educational as you take a look behind the scenes at a creamery, feed the animals, or learn what goes into growing apples.
If money doesn't grow on trees, where does it come from? The Money Museum offers a close up look. Join police and fire in a ride along program. Explore the Colorado Governor's residence in Denver. Tour the Judicial Learning Center or Denver Capitol building. Learn where our trash and recycling materials go after we throw them away.
Get a glimpse into the history of agriculture in Colorado through the variety of museums around the area. Learn about the area's local history at the time of the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and during westward expansion or go back farther and enjoy the architecutre of the Manitou Cliff Dwellings.
Does your child enjoy making and building? The makerspaces are equipped with a selection of tools and materials to help build projects only limited by the imagination. Regularly scheduled open studio hours allow access to 3D printers, sewing machines, electronics bench, design laptops, vinyl cutters, screen printing equipment, and more.
Gain an appreciation for music by going to a symphony or enjoying a day at the opera. Backstage workshops are offered to engage students in the world of music. Family days and concerts can also be enjoyed that hope to spark an interest in children of all ages.
Learn about growing crops, keeping bee hives, or just enjoying nature in one of many programs offered to families. It's easy to incorporate science and nature lessons you've taught at home into outdoor activities and nature walks. Enjoy exploring the geology of Colorado.
Enjoy the arts by taking in a show. Everything from children's plays, interactive dinner theater, concerts, performances, and Shakespeare to silent films and marionette theatre attract kids of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities.
Take the day off and spend it learning about STEM! Tour NCAR or visit the National Ice Core Laboratory, explore a cave or go on a space mission with other homeschoolers. Learn about the history of air and space travel or see a dazzling planetarium show followed by a peak through the telescope at the observatory.
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