Resources For The Colorado Front Range

Enrichment Programs

Enrichment programs are programs hosted by the public schools, private schools, homeschooling parents, or community that supplement your homeschooling curriculum. Many are once a week programs designed to allow children to take classes, interact with peers, and get an education in the process.
Public School Enrichment Programs are once-a-week drop-off programs designed especially for homeschoolers. Attending one of these programs allows you to parktake in a traditional classroom experience but with other homeschoolers as peers. Classes are generally taught by licensed public school teachers with a low student to teacher ratio and is funded by public school funds, provided you with a low to no out-of-pocket cost. Classes usually include academic subjects, such as math, science, and history, and elective classes, such as cooking, music, theater, and physical education.
Private School Enrichment Programs are once or twice-a-week drop-off programs. They can be secular or religious in nature and the classes offered are generally more expansive than the public school enrichment programs. Classes can be taught by licensed public school teachers or parents. These programs are paid out-of-pocket and can accomodate students from as young as Pre-K to 12th grades. Classes generally include academic subjects, such as history, science, language arts, and elective classes, such as Bible, technology, character, photography, cooking, sewing, self-defense, writers workshops, and more.
Community Enrichment Programs are once to several-times-a-week programs that can be specifically for homeschoolers or can incorporate both homeschoolers and others in the community. These programs can be secular or religious and generally have a more select focus on one type of subject, such as a survival skills program, 4-H, Trail Life, and more. The teachers are members of the community who either volunteer or incorporate them into their business model. Making them different from a class or a camp, these enrichment programs usually last a full school year.
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