Resources For The Colorado Front Range

Local Services

We may not be located near an ocean, but Colorado still has beaches around lakes and reservoirs with sand and swimming. You can also visit one of the fun parks or nature areas for a playdate. Another great thing about Colorado are the indoor and outdoor pools, so you don't have to wait on good weather to go swimming.
Libraries usually have a storytime for littles and other great events to keep kids learning. Library event calendars are listed so you can see what classes and events are happening. There may be a chess club, Lego STEM group, book club, Spanish Conversation Group, or just a weekly storytime to enjoy.
There are many classes and events put on by the recreation centers, usually for a reasonable rate. Sports programs, swimming lessons, ice skating, dancing, martial arts, and many other classes are available. You can check out their catalog of events in the listing on this page.
There are so many great hiking trails along the Front Range. A lot of them are great for nature walks for kids and adults. Sometimes a community will also occasionally put on a hiking program or a one-day class to teach kids about animals and nature.
Who doesn't like fresh food? Visit the Farmer's Markets, U-pick farms, and farm stands to get the freshest, local food available. Get the kids involved in growing it too with a community garden. The farms listed are also designated as organic, natural, or no pesticides.
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