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Testing & Evaluations
Home educated students must either be tested at the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th grades OR be evaluated by a qualified person. Students must achieve a composite score above the 13% on a nationally standardized achievement test or receive an evaluation that shows the child is making sufficient academic progress according to their ability.
CRS 2-33-104.5(3)(f) and CRS 22-33-104.5(5)(a)(I, II)

Acceptable Tests

Testing must be administered as determined by the test publisher. The ITBS test requires the administrator to have a bachelor's degree. Other testing companies allow parents to administer their tests.

The following tests are acceptable under Colorado Homeschool Law:

CAT (California Achievement Test)
This test is accepted under the Colorado Homeschool Law. No special requirements are needed of the administrator. It gives basic test results. Both online and paper versions are available.
   Available at Seton for Grades 4-12 (Paper)
   Available at Christian Liberty for Grades 2-12 - Timed (Online) (Paper)
   Available at Academic Excellence for Grades 2-12 - Timed & Untimed (Online)

ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills)
This test is accepted under the Colorado Homeschool Law. A 4-year degree is required for the administrator. This is a timed test with comprehensive test results. Per CHEC, the HSLDA now interprets the core total from ITBS as satisfying Colorado law for a composite score; therefore students are not required to take the Science and Social Studies portions of this test.
   Available at Seton for Grades K-12 (Paper)

This test is accepted under Colorado Homeschool Law. No special requirements are needed of the administrator.
   Available at Seton for Grades K-12 (Paper)

Submit Your Test Results

You can submit your test results to either:
  • The school district that received the notice of intent
  • OR an independent or parochial school within the state of Colorado that is willing to hold test scores. If you choose this option, then you must inform the school district (that received the notice of intent) of the name of the school where the test scores are held.


An evaluator must be:
  • A licensed teacher pursuant to CRS22-33-104.5, article 60.5
  • A teacher who is employed by an independent or parochial school
  • A licensed psychologist
  • A person with a graduate degree in education

Choose a Tester or Evaluator

West River Academy
Location: Colorado

Peggy Webb is the owner of West River Academy. It is an accredited K-12 private school for homeschoolers. Peggy unschooled her own children and has been doing unschooling and relaxed evaluations for over 20 years. She has years of experince in evaluations of a wide range of children; ones who are structured, kids who are unschooled, ones with unique learning styles, and those with special situations like continual travel, overseas or pursuing careers. The evaluations are done by email or postal mail.
Call (970)241-4137 or email Peggy.

Amanda Bench
Location: Woodland Park

Amanda is a former public school teacher turned full-time homeschooling mom. She provides evaluations, testing, and consultation services.
Contact Amanda via her website at Colorado Homeschooling.

Kiki Chanders
Location: Boulder County

Kiki is a former public school teacher. She has homeschooled and unschooled her kids for over 13 years to accomodate their dyslexia. She has a Master's Degree in Education from the University of Colorado, and a State of Colorado Teaching License.
Email Kiki.

Sandy Drexler
Location: Colorado

Sandy has been writing evaluations for K-12 and special needs kids for 20 years.
Contact Sandy by email.

Jenn Greiving
Location: Denver metro and Front Range

Jenn has over 10 years of teaching experience in public school, homeschool co-op, and university settings. She holds a Master's degree in Education and Human Development, and is currently working on her PhD. Jenn homeschooled her own two children for 3 years. She can administer testing and evaluate homeschool portfolios (online, in-person, or via mail).
Contact Jenn via email.

Cheryl Kasson
Location: Denver metro and Front Range

Cheryl holds a Ph.D and is a veteran unschooler. Cheryl provides in-person evaluations for over 17 years and is familiar with the different learning styles of children.
Call (303) 922-2797 or email Cheryl.

Rosanna Lindeman
Location: Arvada, Westminster, Broomfield, Superior, Golden, Lakewood, Denver, Wheat Ridge, Applewood

Rosanna Lindeman has been a Colorado licensed educator for 22+ years. Previously she's taught in Jefferson County, Adams 12 and Denver and has been a home educator for her 3 children for 12 years. Currently, she's a tutor of dyslexic learners of all ages in Arvada, Colorado. She also utilizes her group teaching skills in her homeschool co-op, with American Heritage Girls and at church on a regular basis.
Contact Rosanna by email or call (303) 877-9682.

Marcia Manz
Location: Longmont & Loveland areas

Marcia is a licensed School Counselor (K-12) in Colorado and a homeschool mom of two kids. She has a MEd from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She provides in-person evaluations in Longmont and Loveland areas as well as online evaluations for families throughout Colorado.
Contact Marcia by email.

Judy VanAcker
Location: Canon City

Judy is a certified teacher with a Master's Degree in Library Science. She has been evaluating homeschoolers since 1992. Check out her website. Fee per evaluation - $40.
Contact Judy by email.

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