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Support Groups
Every mom needs a little support, a chance to have questions answered, or needs encouragement from time to time. Whether you're just starting out or have been homeschooling for 10+ years, it's reassuring to hear that other moms are going through the same struggles that you are.

You can join a co-op to get together with other homeschoolers on park days, field trips, or classes. They're also great if you need ask for advice from other moms in an online forum, seek guidance, or get up to date information on events and field trips.

Local Co-ops

Arrows Academy Colorado
Christian Homeschool Academic Co-op in Aurora for K-12. They teach Christian academia with a classical methodology approach.

Ascend Thornton Christ Centered Co-op
Christian Homeschool Academic Co-op in Thornton for K-8, taught by the parents.

Classical Conversations
Classical homeschooling group in many various locations along the Front Range.

Helping Our Members Educate
Christian homeschool group in Colorado Springs.

High Country Home Educators
Support group in Colorado Springs.

Homeschoolers Under God
Christian homeschool group in the Ft. Collins area.

Metro North East Homeschoolers
An all Inclusive Group in North East Denver.

R-Home Thornton
A homeschool community in Thornton.

Facebook Groups

Boulder Area Homeschool Families
Boulder County

This is a great place to find local meetups, new friends, classes, field trips and everything homeschool related in the Boulder County area. You can find our current events and meetups in the events section of this group. Anyone can make an event in this group.

Boulder Unschoolers Play Together
Boulder County

Boulder Unschoolers Play Together is a group that formed out of the desire for Boulder area families to connect with fellow unschoolers. All types of styles are welcome here, including parents who are considering unschooling, eclectic homeschoolers who dabble in unschooling, traditional unschoolers and radical unschoolers. Events will be planned by admins, but PLEASE feel free to plan an event or reach out to other parents, or whatever you would like!

Brighton Colorado Homeschoolers

This group is a place for homeschool families in the Brighton area to connect and build community.

Christian Homeschoolers of the Front Range
Colorado Front Range

A small support group of Christian Homeschoolers in Colorado. Feel free to post questions, ask advice, seek guidance, or just vent your frustrations! I would like this group to grow into a friendship and support system! I would love to have playgroups for our kids and other get-togethers!

Colorado Entrepreneurial Homeschoolers

For Colorado homeschool families that want to incorporate entrepreneurial skills into their curriculum. Giving kids the opportunity to learn how to start a business! This group don't post anything outside of this topic.

Colorado Homeschool Camping Families

For Colorado homeschool families that love to go camping. Let's connect with each other! This group don't post anything outside of camping / outdoors topics.

Colorado Homeschool Discussion (CHEC)

The Colorado Homeschool Discussion (CHEC) group's purpose is to connect Colorado parents (or homeschool graduates) who are currently (or considering) homeschooling and provide a place for sharing encouragement and information. They also include some special guests, such as conference speakers, and parents who are considering moving to Colorado.

Colorado Homeschool Field Trips, and General Outings

This is an all inclusive group for homeschoolers of all ages to organize outings. Since we often travel for trips to places like the zoo, and some of us may be from more rural areas, this is a chance to make friends, network, and take advantage of group discounts!

Colorado Homeschool Freedom Prayer Group

All volunteers with the Colorado Homeschool Freedom Team, led by Carolyn Martin (CHEC Legislative Liaison) are welcome to join the group. (Not part of the team yet? You can learn more at Carolyn will share news, prayer requests, and legislative alerts throughout the year related to home education, parental rights, and religious liberty in Colorado.

Colorado Homeschool Hike Days

Welcome to the Colorado Homeschool Hike Days community! This is a safe environment for homeschool parents and their kids to be themselves in a world of unrealistic expectations. It's a place to let go of stress and worry from the week, and enjoy laughter, nature, and support with new and old friends.

Colorado Homeschool LEGO Builders

Let's share our LEGO creations, watch some videos on useful building techniques or fun little builds and try a LEGO challenge! This group is for homeschoolers near Denver or even a bit further afield that loves LEGO.

Colorado Homeschool Park Day
Denver, Arvada, Golden, & Lakewood

A consistent secular meetup for homeschooling families with Tuesday meet-ups.

Colorado Homeschool Rock Climbing Families

For Colorado homeschool families that love to rock climb or want to learn how to rock climb! Let's connect with each other for indoor and outdoor climbing. This group doesn't post anything outside of rock climbing / outdoors topics.

Colorado Homeschool Ski & Snowboard Families

For Colorado homeschool families that love to ski and/or snowboard. Let's connect with each other on and off the mountain! This group don't post anything outside of ski and snowboard / outdoors topics.

Colorado Homeschool Support

The group was created to be an all inclusive homeschool support group for Colorado families. Let's help homeschooling families feel welcome no matter what their teaching styles and methods. Please come together and connect with one another, as support in homeschooling is so helpful. You can do this, and you have your fellow homeschoolers to lean on.

Colorado Homeschooling + Homesteading

Want to incorporate homesteading into your homeschooling curriculum? Join this community of families aspiring to connect these two experiences! Homesteading skills are typically gardening, preserving, cooking, sewing, building, animal care, health, etc. You don't have to live on a farm to use homesteading skills! Modern homesteading, backyard homesteading, and urban farming are all examples of what this can look like. This group don't post anything outside of this topic.

Colorado Secular Homeschoolers

A place to find support and share experiences on your secular homeschooling journey.

Colorado Springs Christian Homeschoolers
Colorado Springs

This is a group for local Christian homeschooling families to encourage each other in the Lord, share ideas and educational links or freebies, find resources, plan meetups, and much more. Their hope for this group is to have a place where they can pray for each other and encourage each other in the Lord.

Colorado Springs Homeschool Families
Colorado Springs

A community where diversity is celebrated, CSHF is a place where local homeschooling families connect to support one another, share resources, and facilitate group field trips and play dates.

Colorado Springs Homeschoolers
Colorado Springs

This is a group for local homeschooling families to share ideas, swap supplies, swap curriculum, find resources and much more.

Colorado Springs Secular Homeschool Support Group
Colorado Springs

Based in Colorado Springs, and providing on-line support throughout Colorado, this group caters to the diverse community they live in and all homeschooling families are welcome. Their members prefer that their religious and political beliefs not be a part of this groups identity or purpose. This this group functions as a place for homeschoolers and potential homeschoolers to connect with other homeschoolers.

Colorado STEAM Homeschoolers

For Colorado homeschool families that want to incorporate "STEAM" into their curriculum. What is STEAM? The integration of (S)cience, (T)echnology, (E)ngineering, (A)rt, and (M)ath. This group don't post anything outside of this topic.

Common Ground Homeschoolers

All Inclusive Group in South Denver.

CRCO Homeschoolers Club
Castle Rock

This group welcomes all homeschool families in Castle Rock and surrounding areas.(Elizabeth, Franktown, Sedalia, Larkspur) They're open to all faiths, and ask for mutual respect for all beliefs. Use this group to post anything about Homeschooling and family life. Homeschooling is truly a special gift for you and your children. This platform is here for your support, relationship building etc.

Douglas County Home Educators
Douglas County

This is an inclusive group of homeschooling families in Douglas County, Colorado and surrounding neighbors.

Erie (and Around) Homeschoolers

A drama-free site for homeschoolers in the Erie, Firestone, Frederick, Lafayette, Broomfield, and surrounding areas to connect!

Fort Carson Homeschoolers
Fort Carson

This is a group for military homeschoolers on or near Fort Carson. During the school year they meet weekly for enrichment activities. Their goal is to keep it simple and have fun!

Greeley Homeschool Group

This group is designed for Homeschoolers in Greeley and the surrounding areas who want to get together and share activities, ideas, co-ops, etc. This is an all inclusive group.

Highlands Ranch Secular Homeschoolers
Highlands Ranch

This group is about creating meaningful connections in the community here in Highlands Ranch.

Homeschoolers of Pueblo

This is a support group for homeschooling families in Pueblo, CO and the surrounding areas. This group is open to all homeschooling families, homeschool graduates, parents of homeschool graduates, and families that are planning to homeschool their kids that are not yet school age. All are free to post and create events.

Homeschoolers Under God
Fort Collins

This private FB page is for Homeschoolers Under God members only. Please check out for more information about our group, read our statement of faith, and to join HUG. HUG is a Christian support group for the homeschooling families in the greater Fort Collins area. They exist to provide homeschool support, encouragement, information, and activities for our member families.

Homeschooling Colorado

This page is a ready portal for support, encouragement, and exchange of ideas for the homeschooling community in Colorado.

Homeschooling Littles in Colorado

This group is for people planning to or homeschooling their littles. Our goal is to grow together as a group forming friendships and camaraderie along the way. Almost all events planned are geared towards preschool to kindergarten aged kids. However, this doesn't bar you from bringing your older children, they are welcome to join us in all our events.

Jeffco Homeschoolers ~ Colorado
Jefferson County

This is an all inclusive homeschool group for Jefferson County and the surrounding areas. Most events are in central Jefferson County. We are here for support, friendship, sharing ideas and meet ups.

Ken Caryl Homeschoolers
Ken Caryl-Jefferson County

For families in the Ken-Caryl Ranch area (and nearby neighborhoods) that homeschool.

Large Homeschooling Families of Colorado

This group is for connecting and encouraging large homeschooling families (3 or more kids) in Colorado, for sharing our unique blessings and challenges, and growing together.

Longmont Homeschoolers

The Longmont Homeschool Group is an all inclusive group in Longmont. There is a weekly park group, support, and activity information.

Loveland Homeschool Families

This group is a place for homeschool families in the Loveland area to connect and build community.

Lyons Homeschool Group & Events

This is a group for events and activities in Lyons, Colorado that are of interest to homeschooling families. Members of this group are also members of the Boulder Area Homeschool Group and/or the Longmont Homeschoolers group, so if you have an activity outside of Lyons, please post to those groups instead. To keep it welcoming to all, no political or religious posts, please. Lyons is a great little town.

Meet Ups and Field Trips in the Tri-Town Area
Frederick, Firestone, Dacono

A place where Tri-Town mom's can post get togethers, field trips, play dates, or ask Homeschool questions!

Mountain Homeschoolers
Evergreen, Conifer, Bailey & Pine

This is a place where homeschoolers in the Evergreen, Conifer, Bailey & Pine mountain areas can connect. Feel free to post homeschooling events, questions, tips, helpful websites, etc. Keep in mind that we are a diverse group, so please keep posts respectful.

The Nest - a Northern Colorado homeschool co-op

A homeschool co-op in Longmont, Colorado. This page is for public news, updates and other homeschooling related information.

Northern Colorado Home Learners
Northern Colorado

A place for home/unschooling families in northern Colorado to connect with others and create community. Members can use the group to plan activities, share information, and offer support. This group is intended to be inclusive and welcoming of all homeschooling styles and philosophies. This is not a place to sell goods or services.

Northern Colorado Homeschoolers
Northern Colorado

This group was created to connect homeschoolers in Northern Colorado. Questions, events, and encouragement are welcome! The majority of our members are currently in the areas surrounding Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, Berthoud, Longmont, Johnstown.

Southglenn Homeschoolers
Centennial, Highlands Ranch, & Littleton

This group is for people who are currently homeschooling in Centennial, Highlands Ranch, or Littleton, Colorado, around the Southglenn area: north of C-470, west of Yosemite, east of Broadway, south of Belleview.

Velocity Recreation (Homeschool Sports)

This group is for families who participate or are interested in Velocity's sports. Velocity is a nonprofit coed homeschool sports league dedicated to teaching children the joy of participating on a team. Children are taught not only how to play the game but also sportsmanship and teamwork. They use positive reinforcement, creative teaching techniques and give guidance at your child's specific developmental level, while emphasizing fun. All teams are coached by caring parent volunteers.

West Greeley Homeschoolers Group
West Greeley

They are a group of nature-loving, craft-making, secular/eclectic, fun-loving, rule-changing, non-conforming group of ladies who are on this incredible journey with their kids changing the way homeschooling feels and what it looks like. By having each other's backs and with *NO DRAMA*, they are paving the way for their kids to get the most out of life each and every day and throw a little bit of entertaining ways to educate their kids in the meantime.

Wild & Free Homeschooling
Southeast Denver

Homeschooling parents, in lieu of a love of education and knowing that a caring community blesses and encourages the growing process for teachers and the students--let's connect, encourage, be inspired & challenged together, to look for more ways to add wonder, joy, and adventure into our homeschooling years. This space is for anyone interested in building a nurturing homeschool network & community particularly in the southeast denver area, but all are welcome. has inspired the gathering of this community.

Legal Support

The HSLDA advocates for homeschoolers in specific situations. They protect the rights of individuals to freely educate their children at home.

Additional Support

A2Z Homeschool
A to Z Homeschooling website will help you homeschool your kids from Preschool, Kindergarten, up to and through High School with free online education, lesson ideas, educational websites, helpful articles, top programs, books, materials, curriculum and friends.

CHEC - Christian Home Educators of Colorado
CHEC: Christian Home Educators of Colorado is a statewide organization that exists to provide support, resources, and leadership for home educating families.

Homeschool Central
A resource for information about laws and support groups to help make your homeschooling life a little easier.

Homeschool Hub
A resource for homeschool information in the Colorado Springs area through the Pikes Peak Library.

The Homeschool Mom
A place for encouragement, advice, resources, curriculum reviews, organization tools, and more.

How to Apply to College as a Homeschooler
The college application process for a homeschooler versus a traditionally educated student is largely the same, but key differences do exist. Read more...

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