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Umbrella Schools
An umbrella school, also called a cover school, is a type of private school for homeschoolers. Instead of submitting records to the school district, the homeschooling family enrolls with an umbrella school of their choice and submits records to them. Even though they are being educated at home, they are then considered private schooled students.

The purpose of many umbrella schools is to help you comply with your state's compulsory school attendance, record keeping, and testing laws. In some cases, there is no actual school building and the decision on curriculum, how and when children are taught, is still yours. Other umbrella schools do take more of an active role in a homeschooling family's education. Some offer field trips, scholarships, report cards, or diplomas, have a full curriculum, and an actual school building.

Before registering with an umbrella school, make sure you understand the school's requirements and that it matches with your family's needs.

Ascend Micro School
Ascend Micro School is a faith-based K-8 hybrid school in northern Colorado Springs that partners with families to provide an engaging, learner-driven education rooted in compassion for the local community and the people in it. They are based in Colorado Springs.

CHEC - Christian Home Educators of Colorado
A Christian umbrella school with minimal oversight of your homeschool program. You are still responsible for record keeping, curriculum, teaching and assessments, but you report to CHEC instead of the school district. A high school diploma can also be purchased. CHEC is a statewide homeschool support organization; in addition to the Independent School, CHEC also offers seminars and conferences to equip new and current homeschoolers, as well as other family events through the year.

Colorado Heritage Education School System
The Colorado Heritage Education School System is a private school offering umbrella services to homeschoolers. You can still choose your own curriculum and schedule. CHESS also offers an enrichment program for those in the Greeley area.

Concordia Youth Academy
Concordia Youth Academy is an umbrella school set up for unschoolers.

Desiderata School
Desiderata School offers homeschool support and distance learning for all grades K-12. They do this through their umbrella school offering and/or distance learning using their customized courses that can be tailored to each student, along with personalized learning schedules.

FACE School
FACE School is a Christian umbrella school. Though they hold the belief of Christianity, they do not exclude anyone on the basis of their religious beliefs. They also offer a homeschool enrichment program.

Front Range Christian School
Front Range Christian School offers record keeping, one hour of homeschool coaching/curriculum consultation, transcript help, access to curriculum coaching and advice from an experience homeschool parent. A Homeschool Enrichment Program is also offered through FRCS in Littleton.

High Country Christian Academy
High Country Christian Academy is incorporated as a private school and children enrolled are considered off-campus students. They are not under the homeschool law, but under the private school regulations, which is a legal option to homeschool in the state. HCCA also offers testing using the Terra Nova test (and it is also a Test Repository as well).

Homeschool Freedom Academy
Homeschool Freedom Academy advocates for parental rights, personal freedom and responsbility, and privacy. HFA was formed for you and your family's educational independence and self-determination.

Hope Academy
Hope Academy offers umbrella school option to homeschool students.

Poudre River School
Poudre River School is an independent, private school for homeschooling families in Colorado. PRS is open to students in Kindergarten through High School. PRS does not have a physical school building and no physical attendance is required. PRS is a low-cost umbrella school providing basic services with no religious affiliation.

Shiloh Christian Academy
Shiloh Christian Academy is a qualified umbrella school which provides protection and accountability for homeschoolers. All required paperwork must be completed to qualify.

Spiral Academy
Minimal oversight over educational activities for homeschool families. Their sole intent is to lend support for academic excellence that is always conducted in the spirit of religious and cultural tolerance. Religious and political beliefs are not part of Spiral Academy's identity or purpose. Curriculum is not regulated and testing/evaluations are not required.

Statheros Academy
Statheros Academy is an independent school in Colorado. They will keep your records, get an official High School transcript, and order a diploma for your High School graduate.

West River Academy
Minimal oversight over educational activities while still being covered by an umbrella school. Families may use the curriculum of their choice or not use a curriculum. Run by Peggy Webb, a veteran homeschooler/unschooler, and her daughter Karen Abe, a grown unschooler, West River Academy provides educational freedom to homeschooling families worldwide.

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