Homeschool Support Groups in Colorado

Every mom needs a little support, a chance to have questions answered, or needs encouragement from time to time. Whether you're just starting out or have been homeschooling for 10 years, it's reassuring to hear that other moms are going through the same struggles that you are.

You can join a co-op to get together with other homeschoolers on park days, field trips, or classes. They're also great if you need ask for advice from other moms in an online forum, seek guidance, get up to date information on events, or just vent your frustrations.

Local Co-ops
3-D Field Trips
Secular group in the Evergreen/Conifer/Pine area

ACE Homeschoolers
Aurora and surrounding areas

Agape Family Schools
All Inclusive Group in Loveland

Blue Skies
Unschooling Group in Boulder County

Classical Conversations
Classical Homeschooling Group in Longmont

Colorado NICHE
All Inclusive Group in Boulder County

Common Ground Homeschoolers
All Inclusive Group in South Denver

Hearts At Home
Christian group in Highlands Ranch and Littleton

Helping Our Members Educate
Christian Homeschool Group in Colorado Springs

High Country Home Educators
Colorado Springs

Homeschoolers Under God
Christian Homeschool Group in Ft. Collins

Metro North East Homeschoolers
All Inclusive Group in North East Denver

US Hwy 285 Homeschool Network
All Inclusive Group in Morrison, Evergreen Conifer, Pine and Bailey

Facebook Groups
Boulder County Unschoolers - To Do
Boulder County

A group for activities for unschoolers/homeschoolers. Things we can do together. Share your activities for inspiration for your fellow homeschoolers. Feel free to post an activity.

Christian Homeschoolers of the Front Range
Colorado Front Range

A small support group of Christian Homeschoolers in Colorado. Feel free to post questions, ask advice, seek guidance, or just vent your frustrations! I would like this group to grow into a friendship and support system! I would love to have playgroups for our kids and other get-togethers!

Colorado Homeschool Support

The group was created to be an all inclusive homeschool support group for Colorado families. Let's help homeschooling families feel welcome no matter what their teaching styles and methods. Please come together and connect with one another, as support in homeschooling is so helpful. You can do this, and you have your fellow homeschoolers to lean on.

Homeschooling Littles in Colorado

This group is for people planning to or homeschooling their littles. Our goal is to grow together as a group forming friendships and camaraderie along the way. Almost all events planned are geared towards preschool to kindergarten aged kids. However, this doesn't bar you from bringing your older children, they are welcome to join us in all our events.

Living Classroom
Boulder County

Living Classroom is a group of Boulder-area families intent on creating a community of home learners, hoping to help our kids live intentionally and learn for life. Our members range from unschoolers to traditional homeschoolers and everything in between; ours is to come together, and not to judge what is working for each family. Feel free to post homeschooling questions, ideas, thoughts, and concerns!

Longmont Homeschool Group

The Longmont Homeschool Group is an all inclusive group in Longmont. There is a weekly park group, support, and activity information.

Northern Colorado Home Learners
Northern Colorado

A place for home/unschooling families in northern Colorado to connect with others and create community. Members can use the group to plan activities, share information, and offer support. This group is intended to be inclusive and welcoming of all homeschooling styles and philosophies. This is not a place to sell goods or services.

Legal Support
The HSLDA advocates for homeschoolers in specific situations. They protect the rights of individuals to freely educate their children at home.

Additional Support
A2Z Homeschool
A to Z Homeschooling website will help you homeschool your kids from Preschool, Kindergarten, up to and through High School with free online education, lesson ideas, educational websites, helpful articles, top programs, books, materials, curriculum and friends.

CHEC - Christian Home Educators of Colorado
CHEC: Christian Home Educators of Colorado is a statewide organization that exists to provide support, resources, and leadership for home educating families.

Homeschool Central
A resource for information about laws and support groups to help make your homeschooling life a little easier.

Homeschool Hub
A resource for homeschool information in the Colorado Springs area through the Pikes Peak Library.

The Homeschool Mom
A place for encouragement, advice, resources, curriculum reviews, organization tools, and more.

How to Apply to College as a Homeschooler
The college application process for a homeschooler versus a traditionally educated student is largely the same, but key differences do exist. Read more...

Nature's Classroom Homeschool Group
Nature is the ultimate classroom. This website is designed to introduce you to all nature has to offer, especially in a homeschooling situation.

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